I was not a fan of cheesecakes before I discovered Maryland Cheesecake Company. Before that I only tried cheesecake from the grocery store and The Cheesecake Factory (no offense)! These are the most delicious cheesecakes I ever had! What I love most about them is the fresh taste and the fact that they can name every ingredient used to make them — they use all natural ingredients! MCC changed my perspective on cheesecake. Last thanksgiving, my family nearly fought over the last pumpkin cheesecake! Ria (New Carrollton, MD)


I had very high expectations and I must say they were exceeded! As good as theses cheesecakes look, the taste is even better! A wonderful, creamy texture. Just right. The flavor is fresh, rich and complex. the crust is not overly sweet and has a light buttery taste, almost like a graham cracker shortbread, a terrific complement. You can tell it’s made with care. I’m impressed and will be sharing with great confidence. Paul (Gaithersburg, MD)


Had a great experience as a first time customer. Nice selection of flavors and everyone loved them! Price includes delivery. Very customer friendly company during the entire process. JL (Ellicott City, MD)


I’ve ordered cheesecake from the Maryland Cheesecake Company about five different times. Their cheesecake is AMAZING! They have consistently delivered the cheesecake on the day that it was supposed to be delivered. The team is professional and pleasant to deal with. Each time I bring their cheesecake to a party, the platter is empty within minutes. This cheesecake is a big hit! You can tell the ingredients are fresh. Kelly (Alexandria, VA)


“SO DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE ALL OF THEM (raspberry flavor and chocolate/chocolate/chocolate flavor)!!!!! And it was my first time trying chocolate cheesecake. It was plain AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! It was not overwhelmingly sweet. It was balanced just perfectly.” We have also ordered the personal size blueberry cheesecake for my baby shower and they went so fast. Everyone was asking where did you get these cheesecakes, they’re wonderful! Julie (Greenbelt, MD)


“Thanks for the sample (pumpkin)! I will now never view cheesecake the same! The nut blend crust was perfect consistency, with a slight crunch, and was not soggy as other cheesecake crusts tend to be. The cheesecake filling was really moist and light—not overly sweet as some tend to be. Perfectly delicious dessert” Attorney at Law (Columbia, MD)


“Both samples were perfect!…this is simply the best cheesecake I have ever eaten. In particular, the crust was like nothing I’ve ever tasted before!” Jeff (Columbia, MD)


Unbelievable cheesecake!  What a perfect texture.  Very creamy but yet it feels like it’s whipped, and it melts in your mouth.  The graham cracker crust is out of this world and you can tell it is made by scratch with whole, organic ingredients.  Our favorite flavors are original, gingerbread, and pumpkin.  We won’t buy cheesecake from any other source.  We have purchased the cheesecake for several holidays/social events and it is always a hit!  Our family LOVES them and frequently asks when we are getting more cheesecake from the Maryland Cheesecake Company.  Kelly (Alexandria, VA)