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Our Story

Maryland Cheesecake Company was established in 2013 by husband and wife team, Phil and Ann Haase.  The company is known for their freshly baked gourmet cheesecakes.  Phil began making cheesecakes from a family recipe over 20 years ago for family and friends.  The requests for the delicious dessert started to grow over the years beginning with his biggest fan, his mother in-law, who, in spirit may very well be the driver behind the adventurous journey of Maryland Cheesecake Company. After surviving cancer in 2007 and overcoming the many challenges as a result of treatment, Phil came to realize how important it is to follow your dreams. It was with the love and support of his family that helped him pursue his dream, which is truly a family inspired dream. Through the years, Phil perfected the cheesecake recipe to the dessert it is today and created a unique, and delicious graham cracker from scratch for the crust like no other…it is original.  Maryland Cheesecake Company uses fresh and natural ingredients with the finest quality and offers cheesecake in smaller sizes (personal) to optimize choice….you can indulge a little or a lot! Many have enjoyed their “amazing” cheesecakes on special occasions or anytime just to brighten a day.  There is a tremendous amount of joy to be able to brighten someone’s day.

Enjoy and say CHEESEcake!

Phil and Ann Haase